Pandu Office

Located in the suburb area in Godean, 20 minutes from the downtown, Pandu office is a meeting point between friendly neighborhood, traditional rituals, and modern amenities. With homestays around the office, our students get the oportunity to explore morning rituals when farmers go to the padi field or people going to traditional markets.

Pandu Immersion Program

There is no better way to learn a language than coming to the country where it belongs. Our immersion programs are combination between language class and social-cultural trip. These two week programs involve visits to places of interest and observation of Indonesian people real life. Whether you have no/limited experience or have already taken Bahasa Indonesia course before, this program will take you to view Indonesia from different latitude..

IndoAustay Student Exchange

Since 2006, Pandu has established a partnership with Australia-Indonesia Association in Victoria (AIAV) , Australia to conduct IndoAustay Student Exchange program for secondary school students, year 11-12. Every year we send Australian students to Indonesia, and vice versa, for staying with the local families and studying in school for 6 weeks.