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There are two types of our Conversation Class. The first one is "5-Day Conversation Class" and "Regular Conversation Class".  The detail of programs are presented below
5-Day Conversation Class
This program is designed responding the demand of short and intensive Bahasa Indonesia Course arrangement. Many expatriates who work in big cities in Indonesia might not have sufficient free time to take a full level course. Meanwhile, tourist who come in Indonesia might not want to spend most of their time learning Bahasa Indonesia. The 5-day conversation class is a win-win solution when the urge to learn is very huge, while the time available is very little. Spending 5 days out of your routines, you will ensure more effective communication and gain respect from local people around you in return.

This class is only for those who have no or limited experience in Bahasa Indonesia. Other people who have more experiences in speaking Bahasa should take our Regular Conversation Class or Design-It-Yourself. In this 5-Day Conversation Class, participants will learn basic Bahasa Indonesia used in daily situation, language functions (e.g. greeting, thanking & apologizing, ordering, buying, etc). The cultural notes along with the certain vocabulary would be explained to help the participants understand the language better.

In order to give the participants an intensive lesson, this program is designed to be a small class with maximum 4 participants. The participants will get 5-hour lesson a day for five days (25 hours in total).

Class Schedule :
The class is offered every week. Drop your request on us!
a. Weekday Class : Monday to Friday
b. Weekend Class : Saturday to Wednesday

Course Fee:
a. Weekday Class : Rp. 1.800.000,- / person 
b. Weekend Class : Rp. 2.500.000,- / person

Regular Conversation Class
This class is designed for those who would like to improve their speaking skill.It is open either for those who have no or certain level of experience learning Bahasa Indonesia. If you are able to allocate enough time to study conversation in Bahasa Indonesia, for at least 45 hours, then this class totally fits you. Step outside your comfort zone, converse with locals and blend in.
During the class, participants will be providedwith properlearning topics that will enhancetheir speaking fluency. For those who have taken Bahasa Indonesia lesson before, we recommend strongly to take an assessment test prior to starting the lesson in order to determine the language proficiency level.

Regular Conversation Class plans for 4 levels of competence; Beginner, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, and Advance. Below are details of each level : 

1. Beginner Level (45 hours)
    Participants will be provided with basic learning topics (most frequently used) such as,
    self-introduction, friends & family,ordering food, buying & selling, traveling, etc.
2. Pre-Intermediate Level (45 hours)
    Participants will be provided with more specific learning topics such as; leisure activities, dating,  
    health problems etc.
3. Intermediate Level (45 hours)
    Participants will be provided with more complex learning topics such as; law & regulations, local
    customs & values, social life, etc, enabling them to conduct a discussion.
4. Advanced Level (45 hours)
    Participants will be provided with learning topics related to various kind of expertise such as;
    literary works, politics & economy, etc.

Course Fee :
USD 380/person/level
(including registration fee, textbook, handouts, and course kits)

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